List of the best online digital marketing courses

The digital marketing Institute in India is known to be a boom in the industry, from start-ups to multinational corporations. Every professional, whether a freelancer or a brand name, wants to be seen by their clients. Companies and entrepreneurs use the best online digital marketing courses in India to achieve this goal.

Is there a good place to learn digital marketing in India? Is there a top digital marketing institute in India? Is there anyone who can teach the best digital marketing courses in India in a short period of time? If these questions are bothering you, keep reading this blog. This blog will tell you the list of the top online digital marketing courses in India.

List of the best best online digital marketing courses providers in India

Inkspace Academy

They are the most reputable digital marketing training institute in India and provide the best online digital marketing courses. The goal of their course is to educate students about the rapidly changing field of digital marketing. They understand that a large number of students want to start working as soon as possible in order to establish themselves as valuable citizens. With these requirements in mind, their team began offering module graduates the placement support programme. 

They want to make sure our students understand both theory and application so that they can confidently prepare for interviews. Every learning and problem-solving session includes live instruction. Take advantage of opportunities for freelancing, mentoring, and hands-on experience to help you prepare for a career. You can select from a variety of courses to meet your needs.


The National Institute of Information Technology, referred to as NIIT, is a well-known Indian educational institution. NIIT was the first digital marketing institute in India to implement a systematic curriculum in 2012.  The Ireland Digital Marketing Institute collaborated on the content and course materials. You can obtain the Digital Marketing Institute in India credential. Their training is not available online. More than 100 NIIT learning centres can be found in over 30 Indian cities. You must be physically present at one of their training facilities. However, the principal teacher will not be physically present.


My collection of top digital marketing institute in India training programmes includes a relatively new curriculum from UpGrad. Your training is excellent, and the list of coaches you have is impressive. They worked with the best minds in the industry to improve their educational programmes.

UpGrad's digital marketing course in India programme is unique in that it focuses on the fundamental and philosophical values of marketing. In my opinion, digital marketing is still more about marketing than it is about digital marketing. New digital marketing technologies and strategies have accelerated the marketing process, but the principles of marketing, branding, and sales have not changed after hundreds of years.

Digital Vidya

As the world advances in digital marketing, the institute has educated over 35,000 practitioners from 55 countries and 15,000+ brands. The #1 Digital Marketing Institute in India is doubtfully available as a partner of major organisations such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Digital Vidya was the first institute in India to hold social media education workshops when it was founded in 2009. In 2013, Digital Vidya launched the Accredited Digital Marketing Masters Course, a comprehensive training programme. After nearly nine years of providing marketing training digitally via online distribution, Digital Vidya has recently entered the classroom training environment.

The Internet Marketing School

The internet marketing academy is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a Google Partnered Digital Marketing Institute in India (GDMI). The digital marketing Institute in India offers advanced training for teachers, job seekers, and founders and business owners. Along with that, they offer classroom digital marketing training in India through their institutes in Delhi, Kolkata, Howrah, Raipur, Siliguri, Lucknow, and Bhubaneswar.

Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst is a pioneer in Mumbai's digital marketing institute. In addition, the centres offer SEM, SEO, SMM, and a six-week advanced digital marketing course in India and its cities (Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad). It also provides learning and full career support and job coaching on both online and offline platforms. Learning Catalyst focuses on web-to-mobile and emerging niche services for a diverse group of people with backgrounds in communications, architecture, and technology.

Manipal Pro

Manipal is a well-known Indian brand. They run clinics, study institutes, resorts, and residences. As part of Manipal Global's education services, they provide digital marketing training. Manipal offers digital marketing course in India instruction in a lecture format with a physical trainer. Its fees are also reasonable at Rs. 25,000 plus service charge. The course lasts three months. According to them, their education is ideal for teachers, professionals, business professionals, online marketers, and entrepreneurs looking for job opportunities in the marketing field.


Edukart, a well-known brand in distance education, was founded in 2011. It provides an IAMIA-certified 6-month online digital marketing course. Their education aided in the development and expansion of the students' knowledge of online marketing. Their headquarters are in Delhi, but the course is available worldwide. Thirty-nine classes are offered in ten streams.